Bites of My Life

Finishing up this post while watching the Emmy’s. Anyone else watch? It’s official I must start watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel immediately. It was a busy, but long week. The days were back but I pretty much spent the whole week thinking it was Thursday. Can you imagine my feelings when it was only Tuesday?? Made it to the weekend to enjoy a relatively tame few days. I’m off at the end of this week to head to Vail for a bachelorette. So it’s head down and powering through another busy week before I get to enjoy mountain air and 35 degree temps!!

bites 319.jpg

-My friend Meagan, The Baker Mama wrote her first cookbook Beautiful Boards. And it’s truly beautiful! It comes out on Tuesday, but she gifted me a copy pre-release. It’s such a great book full of so many ideas. I read it cover to cover and loved reading the BTS in her recent post. Order your copy here!
-LOVED this “harvest hash” I made for lunches last week. Wondering if my fam would let me slide it in for a Thanksgiving side dish?
-Topo, tacos on a Tuesday at Gardenuity with my “co-workers” from The Slate. Gardenuity is a modern garden project based in Dallas. Their main product is their garden box that gets shipped straight to your door, but they host events at their studio where you can build your own modern garden to take home. We built a “taco toppings” garden, so I know have tomatoes, parsley, chives and oregano growing out my back door.
-Again my “co-workers” as I like to call them think it’s hilarious to tempt me with carbs at our co-working space.
-Discovered the turmeric latte at Royal Blue this week and it’s a big reason RB made it on my faves list!
-On that bulletproof grind! Found these ghee + MCT combo packs at Sprouts that will be perfect while traveling this weekend.
-Extremely fun dinner at a new Dallas spot with the most fun group of Dallas KKGs!
-Hi it’s me! And I’ve lived in Dallas for 3 months. Shared my 6 favorite spots in last week’s post!
-Week 2 of church and a Whole 30 approved brunch with my girl Caroline!