Bites of My Life

Coming back from such a fun weekend in LA was an adjustment, mentally and physically. Physically I was exhausted and sick on Monday, and mentally I was still in La La Land. The week however went by surprisingly fast. Come Friday I got to celebrate my sweet roommate’s engagement. If you need me to keep your engagement to your fiancé a secret, I’m up for hire! Pat on my back for keeping this huge secret while simultaneously psyching them out for two of the people closest to me. Maddie and Kenzie got engaged two weeks apart and I’m relieved that the cats are out of the bags.


-Brought a little bit of Beverly Hills home!
-Recent Brandless haul full of pantry staples and all the non-toxic cleaning products. Have you made the switch to non-toxic? I’ve read tons on how this simple switch can make a difference on your health and well-being. Brandless has great options for cheap!
-Lunch has looked a lot like this lately. I’ve had zero motivation to follow a recipe lately, so I’ll go to the store and buy all the veggies that a speaking to me. Roast some, keep some raw, throw it all over greens with avocado and call it good.
-Went to DryBar for their OKC grand opening on Friday and my stylist told me, “beware, you’re going to get hooked.” I’m not one to spend too much money on personal beauty. I get my hair cut once a year, rarely spend money on my nails, but one good blowout later and I signed up for the monthly DryBar membership!
-And just like that my sweet roommate Kenzie is off the market! So so happy for these two besties of mine and their recent engagements!
-Saturday morning baking feat: disgusting pajamas, bed head, this playlist and my favorite apron.
-If you follow me on instagram, you know what all these sprinkles led to. The “fun” recipe will be coming this week!
-Omelette for dinner and this combo is a win! Two eggs, golden tomatoes, roasted zucchini, green onions, almond milk mozzarella and sprouts!
-Celebrating six years of Take A Bite today!