Bites of My Life

Food coma, weekend coma, busy week, groundhog saw his shadow, early spring. That is my jumble of thoughts looking back on last week as I’m trying to keep my eyes open while finishing this post, so goodnight.


-While Molly was in town the weekend before we swapped some recent favorite dinner dished. Molly has been cooking up a storm up in Chapel Hill (check out their Dunc Dins in her saved highlight), and suggested I try these asian spaghetti squash noodles. Tried them, loved them, can’t wait to make again.
-A few months ago i read an article on how we’ve all been cooking spaghetti squash the wrong way. To cut down on cook time and to ensure longer spaghetti like strands, cut your squash into 1 inch rings. scoop out the center of each ring, then drizzle with salt and pepper and bake at 400 for 20 to 30 minutes. It’s the best way, y’all.
-Tried the brandy ice at The Drake on Friday. While it struck a cord, Junior’s still takes first place in my book. Also, while I have you, are Brandy Ice’s just an Oklahoma City thing or do you indulge in your neck of the woods too? Please comment below.
-Came for the croissants, stayed for the cinnamon buns! if you haven’t take a Sur la Table cooking class, you should. And may I suggest starting with the Saturday morning croissant class. We loved it! (not pictured, the multiple attempts to recreate the scene from It’s Complicated).
-Post brats, beer and pretzels! A very happy German 30th to Uncle Joe!
-I know Kerrygold is the “it” butter, but I’m tend to lend toward the cheaper ingredients when baking. However, after the instructor from our croissant class said she only uses Kerrygold when baking, I got intrigued. She said if she was going to take the time to make a baked good, she might as well use the best ingredients she could. So, I upped my Perfect CCC recipe again by using the butter of all butter. And I must say it made a difference.
-Homemade French Onion Dip a la (my favorite) Bon Appetit. I posted the recipe in the caption of this post, but I also polled everyone on insta all to see if you preferred getting the recipe from instagram or on the blog or both. 80% said instagram caption, 20% blog and a few DM’d me saying both. What do you prefer?
-”Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had.” Proud to share this quote from a friend who told me this after having a Perfect CCC at our Super Bowl Party.
-I still have a stomach ache from all of this.


Streaming Bite: The past two weeks I’ve been all caught up in the hooplah of the Fyre festival documentaries #TeamHulu, but I started You last night and the fist episode has me hooked. Anyone else watching?