Bites of My Life

Fall has finally made it’s way to Texas. I’m soaking up the cozy days, but still trying to get outside as much as possible. After a decent work week, I got to celebrate one of my best friends birthday, then headed up to OKC for a wedding shower. Leeeeeetle bump in the road when my tire pressure light came on and I found out I needed 3 new tires after only being on the road for 30 minutes. But kudos to Pep Boys for getting me home safely. Now it’s time for Halloweek!! Halloween gets some hate, but I’ve loved it since I was little. If you need some last minute costume inspo, take a bite of my food themed costumes the past few years.

bites 324.jpg

-I’ve had this recipe saved to make for forever. Y’all know I love an egg baked into something. Shakshuka, a sweet potato, and now an acorn squash! Just cut the squash in half and scrape out the seeds. Cut a little off the bottom so the squash halves stands up straight. Roast with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little cinnamon for 45 minutes. Crack two eggs into the well of the squash and bake for another 15-20 minutes. Top with hot sauce and enjoy.
-Kombucha and a dish of chocolate chips. The ultimate dessert when I’m trying not to ruin a day of healthy eating.
-Turmeric Chicken Zoodle Soup hit the blog with a refresh last week and I loved having it to eat on all week. Wifi was out at my co-working space, so my make-shift standing desk (kitchen counter) at home, yummy soup and Gilmore Girls in the background made for a cozy work from home day.
-The new CB2 opened just a stone’s throw away from me and it. is. gorgeous. I now want to redo my entire apartment with the money I don’t have.
-Wasabi peas are nostalgic for me. Where are my KKG 7-girl roommates at? We used to have wasabi peas stocked in our room in the sorority house. I got a bag to snack on while I was shopping at Central Market and it immediately took me back to sophomore year!
-My good friend in Dallas, Caroline has started a monthly supper club, getting together all the girls from different groups she knows together for dinner. It was the perfect way to meet more people in this city and honestly just so fun. We did a salad bar style meal and each brought a different topping. Despite lettuce being the main event I still somehow managed to devour 5 cookies and copious amounts of cheese.
-Had a hankering to bake something late Thursday night. I needed it to include ingredients I already had and I wanted it to be relatively healthy. I found Pey’s snickerdoodle muffin recipe from @choosingbalance. They were paleo, GF and had just enough sweetness. They also only made 6 which was perfect for me and few to share.
-A sleepover themed birthday party for princess Olivia. Honestly the most ideal cozy Friday night in our PJ’s with pizza, wine and junk food.
-Quick trip home to celebrate Trinian and Carson!