Bites of My Life

I felt like a real working professional this week. I took a “business trip” (lol) home to OKC on Monday for work meetings, the opening of our 7th Oklahoma Fuzzy’s and to help with the launch of our new fall menu at The Jones Assembly. Got back in town late Wednesday and finished out the week with a pumpkin carve, the Maggie Rogers concert and quick 20 hour lake trip and now ready for a new week. A great week indeed!

bites 323.jpg

-Best part of still working for The Social Order in OKC, is more excuses to get to see this little pup!
-Another Fuzzy’s under our belt! It’s always fun to help and see a new restaurant open. And to see guests genuinely so excited to see it open.
-The new fall menu at The Jones Assembly is not one to sleep on.
-After work walks are my favorite, especially when the weather is gorgeous and houses are starting to decorate for the holidays. I loved this little pumpkin stoop.
-My pumpkin has a bow on it. Are you surprised? Our resident hostess Olivia threw the most fun pumpkin carve.
-Take. A. Bite! My girl Bailey caught my name de plume in action while shooting for work this week.
-A very very spontaneous lake trip just an hour outside of Dallas. We caught sunset, sunrise and then were back on the road in to Dallas.
-Before packing up, a HUGE Sunday lake breakfast was aa must.
-QT with my girl Caroline! I love Dallas for bringing me Carol! We met for Pressed Freeze and the seasonal pumpkin flavor is all it’s cracked up to be.