Bites of My Life

July you came too soon! Summer is slipping by FAST. Last week was full of delicious eats, getting settled into my new office space and precious last moments with one of my best friends before her move. There was also a pool party, an A list party per-se, rounded out by a killer Sunday dinner at mom and dad's. 

Now for the awkward 2-day week, twice in one week...

bites 259.jpg

-Loving my morning matcha. Look forward to it each day. Using the new Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen currently. 
-Becoming a pro at cleaning out my fridge meals. AKA ballin' on a budget and won't let myself go to the grocery store as much as I normally do. 
-Healthy snack hack/dessert for The Bachelorette viewing. 50 cal Lesser Evil popcorn back with a tablespoon of cookie butter for dipping and Arbonne detox tea. 
-Got to help with a catered dinner in the park through work last week. Despite the 95 degree temperatures it ended up being the dreamiest setting for a dinner.
-Hello, I work here. Loving my new cube at our recently finished headquarters!
-The most fun giveaway last week with Made by Maddie. AKA one of my besties new biz!
-Said bye to my bestie/roomie Lindz last Friday. We became quick friends and after 3 years under the same roof, and I suddenly had to say bye too quick as she headed west for her next adventure in LA.
-I dub these my prettiest batch of perfect CCCs. The diff; semi-sweet chocolate bar chopped instead of chopped chips. So many chocolate flakes. 
-Snacking on Lesser Evil's new Paleo Puffs with my little crew. Use code ANNIELE10 in check out at for 10% off your order!
-EnR0ute to Russell Westbrook's hype house. #workperks
-Thanks for the party invite Russell Westbrook!
-Summer food = best food.