Bites of My Life

I love the cold, but the summer. Oh, the summer. You kill me. You are too good. My energy level skyrockets this time of year. I want to do all the things in the summer as opposed to winter where I could hibernate for 3 straight months and be happy as a clam. 

I want to eat all the summer food, go on a walk EVERY evening, be more social during the week, spend as much time outside as I can, clean out my closet, deep clean my room, be extra active, and maximize my workday so I have more free time in the morning and evenings. Summer motivation is in full swing!

bites 257.jpg

-I don't have marble countertops. Here is proof-ha! Just a contact paper covered foam board!
-Y'ALL! I posted something besides just a bites post. Catch my mayo-less tuna salad recipe here. Word on the street is that you will be getting a second recipe post tomorrow too!
-Post-bootcamp recovery shake before the rest of my breakfast. I've been waking up at the crack of dawn (4:30AM) to train with Align Performance. Bootcamp is from 5:30-6:30, so when I get home I do an Arbonne recovery shake (1 scoop protein, water, cinnamon and ice in a shaker bottle) then follow it with scrambled eggs later in the morning. If I ate a full breakfast at 6:30 I'd want lunch by 10AM. P.S. if you are local and interested in bootcamp, join me, your first class is free!
-Morning coffee/work date with my Lindz before she leaves me for LA. I can't talk about it anymore otherwise I'll get tears on my keyboard.
-Leftover watermelon tomato salad topped with grilled chicken. Is there a better summer dinner?
-Back to Cali Al goes, but first dinner with the whole crew!
-When in Stillwater, OK, must eat at Red Rock Bakery and Deli. Or so I'm told...and so I now agree. SO GOOD!
-Smashed avo on 2 GG crackers. Who else loves GG crackers? Who doesn't know what I'm talking about? Read here to get the gist and then order on Amazon ASAP.
-When curly fries are an option, you always go curly. Despite the fact the fact that I was poolside in a bikini while eating them...
-You all know I love my Super Coffee, but here is just another photo to remind you. And just so you know the maple hazelnut flavor is everything.
-Treasures from the Asian supermarket include ginger chews, gochujang, mini boxes of fruity gum and an excuse to show off my new shoes ;)
-Father's day feast was full-fledged Korean BBQ themed and I think we nailed it!


p.s. I listened to this song 54 times last night, you should too.