Bites of My Life

Aloha! Fresh off the Island and in full on post-vacation depression mode. I'm not going to go into full trip details, because a recap post is coming this week. For now just teaser photos will have to do. I'm not dealing well with having to go back to realty today. I keep scrolling back through my camera roll looking at vacation pictures pretending I'm still there...Monday, here we go. 

bites 248.jpg

-Finally finally finally got to take a class from my favorite fitness instructor. If you live in Dallas you have to check out Class Studios!
-Trying to franchise East Hampton Sandwich Co. to Oklahoma.
-Best time celebrating #KatieFoundHerMattch in Dallas and getting to talk wedding deats with Marge for #GoingGoingVaughn.
-First morning I woke up with sunrise yoga on the greens of our hotel. 
-My slide or dies. 
-Minutes before having the best meal of our lives. 
-Give us all the açaí bowls and rice. Add in poke and piña coladas and that is basically all we ate. 
-3 girls, 4-wheels. 
-Exhibit A, rice and poke. 
-Hawaii we love you. 
-Roomie night out at Artini.
-Happy 5th Take A Bite! Keep a watch on my instagram for 5 days of giveaways this week in honor of 5 years.