Bites of My Life

Dang that week went fast, anyone else? Despite the days seeming longer with more sunlight in the evening, they still went by fast. I felt like i consistently looked at my watch one minute and it was 10AM then 2 minutes later it was 5PM. Energized by coffee, good eats, and a new workout routine with sis and Elle (we have started down the BBG rabbit hole, followed by walks with the almost 8 month old), all of a sudden it was the weekend. A weekend well spent with friends and lots of green. St. Patrick's Day is a pointless holiday that is way too fun to celebrate. I'm now exhausted from the fast and fun week and trying to slow my way into Monday mayhem.

bites 245.jpg

-Because of The Morning Breath, also seen on Shark Tank, I discovered Super Coffee. Shortly after being intrigued by the product and the three brothers behind it, I got in touch to get my hands on some. Just getting started on the East Coast, hopefully Super Coffee will be in midwest stores soon, but for now you can order online. 
-3 ingredient healthy brownies using Brandless' box brownie mix! Recipe in my "bites" insta highlight. Just make sure to use the fresh ground almond butter you make at the store!*
-Banana split sans ice cream. 
-Morning walks with Elle are becoming a thing and I'm l-o-v-ing it!
-A v successful pizza night, all tips and tricks learned from Gaby!
-Pre-green beer brunch at The Jones!
-Matching outfits and drinks this St. Patrick's Day. 
-If you know, you know. 
-Sweet and savory combo that I keep coming back too. AB, almond and cinnamon on one rice cake, and mashed avo with Everything But the Bagel seasoning on the other.