Bites of My Life

Happy April! You know what they say, April showers... It's currently raining out my window as I cozy up in bed on Sunday night. I am loooooooving this start to spring rain/storms. I weirdly love crazy storms and tornado weather, but this light rain we have been having, especially at night is the ultimate sleep medicine. Although, I'm trying to hurry through this post without falling asleep so I can stay up to watch the finale of Big Little Lies. I'm so sad and mad it's the last episode, but cannot wait for the plot to unravel. 

-Trying to make salads not boring. 
-"Why are you dressed like a cowboy?" -Mom, "Cause this is trendy right now." -Me. Ugh. 
-When you forgot you had eggs boiling on the stove and go for a walk. At least it was just the eggs that burned and not the whole house...
-Guacamole trio (or quad) at Iguana Mexican Grill.
-I have had this thing for wallpaper recently. How great is this, in the bathrooms at Iguana.
-Back on my homemade matcha game and I think I'm starting to nail my recipe. Still working on it before I share it!
-I never used dry shampoo until this year and now I can't live without. Just got started using Lazy Dry Shampoo and I love it. You apply it at night with a brush and let all the natural ingredients sink in while you sleep! 
-Did someone say frose`, yes way! This is going to be my summer drink c/o The Jones Assembly
-Doing what the bible says, the food bible in this case (Bon Appetit).
-Friday night grill out. 
-Beef short rib stuffed bell pepper. Stella keeps reminding me why it's favorite brunch spot in OKC. 
-Living room inspo from a home tour this weekend. 
-Kettle corn is a very acceptable dinner. 
-Can't stop making my Perfect CCCs. Check out my insta to see how I've been changing them up recently!
-A lick here, a lick there. New recipe post coming later this week!