Bites of My Life

The busyness of spring came the second March hit. Anyone else feel it? I don't necessarily mind the busyness if it keeps the work week feeling short, but I hate how fast the weekend passes too. I can't stinking wait to get through this week to spring forward next weekend. I have spring fever for sunny mornings and evenings that are still light out past 5PM. 

Bites of my life comes in the form of many delicious and indulgent eats and drinks last week. A fun soft opening to attend, trying a new juice bar, crafting cocktails with Vim Vitae, a sushi dinner with my best friends (and froyo to follow) then copious amounts of junk food during a movie marathon on Saturday. 

bites 193.jpg

-Why you should join StudioHop, my reasons here
-We are working away like crazy to get to bring these delicious eats to OKC so soon at The Jones Assembly! Follow us here and here and here (because it's me posting and we need your support)!
-Welcome back lunch board, I forgot how much I love you. 
-Two weeks strong with my spaghetti squash. Current dinner obsession. 
-Finally got my booty to Wheeze the Juice after getting my booty kicked at Beyond Studios. This little downtown juice bar located in the shipping containers off 2nd, is supreme. Bottle juices, milks and drinks, with smoothie and smoothie bowls to order. 
-Got a sneak peek at 3Sixty Restaurant & Bar. Officially opens on the 13th. Let me highly recommend sitting at the bar and ordering the shrimp & gouda bread bowl dip. YUP. Bread bowl dip.
-Took so many sips in last weeks post with Vim Vitae. Their new line of limeades is killer!
-When you plan to make chocolate chip cookies and already went to the store because you were out of flour, but got home to realize you were also short on chocolate chips. Made due with leftover Valentine candy and s'more accoutrements.
-Turns out my hodge podge mix of chocolates and a little flakey sea salt on top of my normally Perfect CCCs is what made them even more perfect this go around.