Bites of My Life

My bites looks like a whole bunch of the same thing this week. Lots of eggs and greens. My week had more variety, I just don't have pictures to prove. Well sort of. My days consisted of basically just StudioHopping, working and a few dinners. Oh! And the premiere of Bravo's Sweet Home Oklahoma. Anyone else tune in? Filmed in my city, I'm glued to the TV seeing what spots I recognize them at. 

-I started Whole30 again. My version that is. Strict during the week, and flexible on the weekends ;)
-Whole 30 approved carnitas just calls for swapping lettuce cups for tortillas. Happily welcoming colorful spring food.
-Recipe for this Spring Green Frittata went live last week. Full of green veggies, whole 30 approved and deserves a place at your Easter brunch.
-Frittata for lunch all week long. Reheats perfectly actually!
-Farmer's Market lunch at Kitchen No. 324. Brussel sprouts with hazelnuts, roasted sweet potatoes with bacon and red pepper flakes, and beet grapefruit salad. So so good. 
-Dad is my partner in crime when it comes to adventurous eating. A few rounds through the asian buffet for dumplings, sesame chicken, coconut shrimp and hot and sour soup for Saturday lunch. 
-MOH at your service! Biggest sis is getting married! Can't wait for this Brooklyn wedding!
-Technically my second breakfast for the day if you count the pancakes and hashbrowns at IHOP that happened at 2am...
-For a girl who is allergic to peanuts, I eat copious amounts of nuts. I always have a mason jar stocked of mixed nuts in my pantry. I even keep a baggy of them in my car.