Bites of My Life

And Best Picture goes to...I'm still confused. Anyone else deja vu-ing to Miss Universe 2015? Congrats Moonlight, but I'm still #teamLaLaLand. I'm honestly only team La La because it's the only Oscar nom I saw...oops. Shout out to Emma Stone, Bri Larson and Michelle Williams for best dressed in my book. Now time for sleep since these Oscars kept me up way passed my bedtime. 

-Matcha Mint Smoothie oh how I love you so much. Ultimate post yoga remedy.
-The most adorable cheese board from the most adorable friend.
-Food and drink photo shoots for our new concept were on the work agenda last week. Keep up to date with The Jones Assembly here.
-Give me all the nuts (sans peanuts) and I'm a happy girl. The new mixed nut butter from TJ's is everything it should be.
-Photo shoots are so pretty and taste even better when you work in the restaurant industry.
-These kids are having a girl! Cheers to s'more girls!! #AuntieAnne is in full prep!
-I've been all about the acai bowls these days. My recipe is something like 1/2 acai packet, mixed frozen berries, 1/2 banana and a handful of frozen cauliflower. Yup that's right. Steam it then freeze it. Makes your smoothies or smoothie bowls extra thick and doesn't change the taste.
-Had a massive craving for Chae, luckily my family did too. Seriously good Korean comfort food, for those who haven't been.
-Spaghetti squash with sautéed mushrooms, tons of parsley and green onions. Dinner everyday last week and by the looks of it will be dinner this week too. 
-My main side chick. 
-A little late night pancakes never hurt anyone, or did it?...
-Lemon Cayenne Popcorn for Oscars viewing. Not pictured: charcuterie, crudite and hummus, artichoke dip, and churro puppy chow. There were four of us.