Bites of My Life

I finished a book. Did you hear that? Annie "hater of reading" Tucker, finished a book. Pick up a few of Shauna Niequist's books if you get a chance, I highly recommend. I also had a very vivid dream that I was invited to a pre-opening shopping event at our Trader Joe's that is supposed to open next month. It was a good week to say the least. 

-Most idyllic start to my week. 
-Figgy pudding aka chia pudding with figs and gogi berries. Sister hated it, I loved it, to each his own. 
-Snack plate lunch makes for the best lunch al desko. Figs, hard boiled eggs, salami or prosciutto, apple and veggies are on rotation.
-I have a little project up my sleeve and it tastes and sips deliciously. 
-A dear dear friend of mine and I have been trying to make our lunch dates a frequent thing. Salads and our convos always fill me up! 
-My little londonite is home in Texas for about a month. I'll get to see her in September, but was able to sneak in a hug while she was in OK for the day! 
-When you run out of groceries and momma treats you right!
-The cutest plant shop in town just added coffee and treats to their repertoire. Can't wait to plug in and get my grind on in the atmosphere they've created. 
-Happy 3rd birthday OKC Lululemon! A birthday, my besties, and barre3; so fun at #sweatstock2016.
-Counters are the new chairs apparently. 
-"Savoring" Sunday morning with my new Shauna book and breakfast in bed.
-Becoming one of those Sunday meal prep nerds. Shredded chicken, sliced veggies, homemade mango salsa, balsamic salad dressing, hard boiled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes.