Bites of My Life

Post-vacation depression, quickly got subbed out by post-holiday weekend depression. Two back to back all-star weekends. I can't complain too much. My days have been full recently making the weeks fly by. I still welcomed the long weekend with open arms though! When I think back, I really jammed a lot in from Friday to Monday. Happy hour, dinner and show, day trip to Dallas, dinner with parents, pool time, drinks with friends, more pool time, 4th of July barbecue and more. All reason why I'm exhausted. Best part of a long weekend though, is the short week that follows!

-Last week was devoted to recreating some favorite D.C. eats. First the colorful mezze bowls from Cava Grill. I did turkey meatballs, a grain mixture of brown rice, barley and quinoa, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, picked onion, feta, tzatziki and tahini. 
-Attempt number two was with fancy mushroom tacos like at Chaia.
-Fell into the Sprout's salesperson's trap, but at least I'm getting in extra greens! 
-Acai bowl made better topped with HIppie Crack brought back from D.C.
-A delicious meal and even better cocktail had with the fam at OKC's new Mary Eddy's on Friday night before seeing Dreamgirls. 
-Took a quicky day trip to Dallas with mom and sis. The highlight was a stop at one of my favorite places.
-Cause a little frito chili pie and a cheese ball never hurt anyone.
-Thank goodness the swan had our backs!
-I get a kick out of being overly festive. A patriotic yogurt bowl was a must.
-Almost too cute to eat, but we all know I ate it anyway.
-Cause every barbecue needs a good salad. I did a combo of arugula, watermelon, feta and chopped pistachios. Salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic. Got real festive with my star shaped watermelon.
-Red just really isn't in our color wheel.