Bites of My Life

Summer well spent this past week. It was just the right amount of getting things done to then enjoy the off time over the weekend. Lots of summer eats and sips and recipes and other creations. Time was spent by the pool, at new workout classes, catching up with friends, deep cleaning and a combo of hustling while also relaxing. 

-Mushroom tacos being continued from the week before.
-I used a lot of words and barely mentioned foods in last week's Sit Still post. Kind of nice to lay it all out there sometimes.
-The sweetest and tastiest delivery showed up on my doorstep last week from Tiny Boxwoods c/o BB Molly!
-Loved seeing last week's Sugar Cookie Pizza with Strawberry Icing already being made. Thank you @annmariedaniel!
-If you have a recent copy of Edible OKC, do yourself a favor and make the Strawberry Tahini smoothie bowl recipe!
-Smoothie bowl after smoothie bowl this week. So good on these 100+ days.
-A trip to a local farmers market called for picking up only local goods, like this Big Oak Blueberry Lavender Kombucha.
-Fresh farm tomatoes and eggs from the farmers market! I was on a quest to perfect a poached egg. I think I did by following these instructions.
-What summer Saturdays are made for.
-An afternoon poolside and a few too many club specials, led to a table full of burgers and fries to cap it off.
-Cooked, recipe tested and meal prepped all day on Sunday. One creation included this homemade jalapeño hummus!
-Easy way to drink more water: keep pitcher of fruit infused water in the fridge. This has been amazing this summer. My go-to is lemon and mint, but this week I have cucumber strawberry ready for me in the fridge.