Bites of My Life

Post vacation depression. Why must all good things come to an end? After 72 hours, it has me craving more. Cheers to you D.C. you really know how to put on a show! Besides the weekend in my favorite city, there was the bachelorette, work meetings, a fair effort at cleaning out the fridge and a birthday celebration for big daddy T.

-Quinoa Fried Rice: my ultimate clean out the fridge/haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks kind of meal. 
-This matcha obsession is getting a little out of hand. Evoke knows how to serve it up.
-Happy Birthday dad! I love celebrating you.
-Finally made it back to my favorite city with my favorite D.C. loving bestie!
-I loved taking Barre3 when I lived in D.C, but it was the perfect start to my Saturday getting to take a class at the new 14th St. location!
-Back in Georgetown for the afternoon, back to my old stomping grounds.
-Chaia took tacos to the next level. I've been stalking them on insta since they opened and they didn't disappoint.
-Amazing dinner, better company. Marsha, Virginia, Heidi and Charlie roll out.
-Oh Roses's. I went into this dinner knowing you'd be good, but I didn't know you'd be that good.
-Cappuccino and mushroom tart please! Le Dip still cranks out a delicious brunch!
-Sunday night ramen night. After so many Milk Bar treats, I can finally say I tried their big brother restaurant Momofuku. And I didn't even have to go to New York to get it!
-Cheersing to the best weekend with Milk Bar cereal milk ice cream.