Bites of My Life

So many great moments over the last week. There was the big monumental thing, like turning 23, but my favorite moments from the past few days are all "little things." Small simple pleasures such as the getting to fill my house Monday night to welcome the return of The Bachelorette, having my first s'more of the season, giving my house a good deep clean (it really is the little things), finding my fitbit after it's two month hiatus, and being gifted the most thoughtful cookies decorated to look like some of my favorite things!

I spent my Memorial Day weekend getting in a few birthday celebrations, spending a couple days at the lake with friends and family, stuffing my face with two many chips and crackers and handfuls of snack mix to even count, a swell little dinner with mom and dad, taking a swing at my golf game and some more Monday night Bachelorette (Thunder games need not be mentioned).

-My green tea latte obsession is getting extreme, yet I have no problem with it whatsoever.
-The Bachelorette is back and we are more than ready. Brackets and boy board in tow. 
-Wine down Wednesday.
-Hushpuppies and seafood to celebrate 23.
-Kathleen tried to tell me the cake she made me turned out ugly...I'm still trying to figure that one out too. 
-It was even better on the inside-lavender and blueberry with buttercream!
-A special birthday lunch with my girl Lindz at one of my favorite spots!
-The mix got gobbled up in less than 12 hours at the lake. Catch the recipe from last week's post.
-If only our pregame juju helped the Thunder win Saturday night.
-Doing our best to make it to the lake as many times possible this summer.
-Complete amateurs, but at least we're trying!
-The sweetest and tastiest final birthday surprise! Gingersnaps kills the cookie game!