Bites of My Life

It's mind boggling to me to think this time last year I was graduating from college. This past year has flown by. It's scary to think that time is going to keep getting faster and faster. Thinking back on the past year has me slow down and process all that I've accomplished, overcome, experienced, seen, eaten, etc. It may be bold, but this past year ranks as one of my favorites.

-Using the crock-pot makes me feel like a 40 year old woman, but it's kind of awesome coming home to an amazing dinner waiting for you. Used this recipe and then had dinner made all week!
-Three years at Barre3 for my favorite sister/instructor! 
-One of my favorite recipes I've shared in a while! Thank you to everyone who has already made my Avocado Toast Grilled Cheese, especially this OKC local food truck!!
-The puppies just keep popping up!
-Squeezing in some greens between the weekend carbs and sweets.
-Here's to their graduation and me getting the best neighbors in a few weeks!
-A fun (long) night out in my college town called for a lazy morning and awesome Sunday breakfast.
-Dad has been wanting to try his hand at recreating Bibimbap inspired from one of our favorite restaurants. He asked me to be his sous chef, and I think we agreed we made for a winning team. 
-Picked up dessert for our Korean meal after a stop at the asian supermarket!