Bites of My Life

I'm so antsy for spring I can barely stand it. This weekend is daylight savings time and I am eagerly awaiting the return of sunny mornings and evenings that stay bright through 7 o'clock. I need a little spring in my step and I'm hoping the season change does just that. Things were starting to pep up, but then then took a little slide down. Some saddening news and unfortunate circumstances were unwelcome this past week. 

Bad news typically means good news is on the horizon. In the grand scheme of thing I'm always reminded there is more positivity in my life than the negative. I'm counting my blessings and squeezing those who mean the most to me extra tight. 

-I have had the strongest craving for banana bread recently, so no work on Monday meant baking must be done. I used What's Gaby Cooking's recipe minus the chocolate chips. 
-Puppy brother gets cuter everyday.
-My love for these lettuce wraps is to much. You have to check out last week's recipe post if you haven't already!
-Thank you Health Warrior, I now have a lifetime supply of chia bars.
-It's called Yummy Chicken for a reason. 
-Cravings by Chrissy Teigen is finally here! Can't wait to cook up so many of her recipes!
-Have you tried Siggi's new vanilla and cardamon? Not as amaze as I hoped but still good!
-A box of sunshine to brighten your day. More on June Box in last weeks post.
-Slow start to my Sunday. Recipe on instagram.