Bites of My Life

A weekend away does good for the soul. A fresh atmosphere and fresh faces is sometimes just what you need. My batteries feel charged after meeting Molls halfway. We had been trying to get together for forever, so we pulled the plug and met in Dallas, a spot between our two cities. 

-I didn't want to, but I went ahead and returned these stellar Asos heels. I'm feeling confident after the slight car towing situation that happened this weekend. After that dent in the wallet, I'm pinching pennies in small ways I can.
-Thankful for my parents and their taste in music and how that turned into my taste in music. A night with Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen made for the best hump day. 
-When your too tired, lazy and hungry to spend time cooking. A Whole Foods brown box fits the bill.
-For someone who typically turns her nose up to sandwiches, I've been craving them like crazy lately.
-The best girl in the world got engaged to her perfect guy and I'm thrilled! I also want her ring...
-24 hours is the hardest amount of time to pack for. So many things for so little time.
-I typically turn my nose up to Starbucks' specialty drinks, but ditch your regular order and try the new citrus mint green tea latte (just two pumps syrup with soy).
-Cutie foodie.
-Greek mezze and rose` o'clock.
-HG SPLY Co. I will have dreams about your bowls from now on.
-We met on the internet LOL. 
-I cherish a friend who will always go bite for bite with me. A savory and sweet finish to a splendid trip!