Bites of My Life

Round of applause for Spotlight!!! I hadn't seen any Oscar nominated movies until Saturday night when one of my roommates and I went to see Spotlight. I was bias with it being the only movie I saw, but I felt like it deserved a clean sweep of wins for every category it was nominated in. Even with only one win, best picture trumps all. Rachel McAdams one best dressed in my book so it was more like two wins for Spotlight. 

After getting over a little allergy bug and what felt like an extra long work week, it was nice to end it with a low maintenance weekend, time with my new puppy brother and a full fledge Oscar watch party. Now it's off to a barre class to counteract all the puppy chow and hummus from last night...  

-A taste of paradise with the recreation of this shrimp wrap and zesty cocktail sauce I had in Arizona.
-Red velvet should be eaten as a cake, not a flavor for yogurt...
-Spring scouting with Scout bags.
-Hello pretty friends!
-Cannot wait to share the recipe for these thai cashew lettuce wraps, coming to TAB tomorrow!
-GNO + rosé + tiramisu. 
-Granny smiths and almond butter never gets old.
-Sippin' on Saturday.
-My second Taste the World box arrived full of goodies from Thailand!
-Spicy grits with pulled pork, green chili sauce and two poached eggs, kudos 501. 
-Churro puppy chow, brown sugar sriracha sesame popcorn, edamame hummus, stuffed mushrooms, cheese and crackers, and grapefruit cocktails. It was a super bowl kind of spread for our Oscar watch party.
-Sips and scores. Only 9 out of 24 for me.