Bites of My Life

Hello spring, hello allergies! Nothing is better than getting a few peeks at spring weather, except when that means the inflow of torturous spring allergies. I had been un-anxiously awaiting their arrival and low and behold I woke up Friday morning to a bite from the allergy bug. I was joking with my mom that I knew I was going to get sick soon because as a kid I always had to miss the Valentine's Day party at school because of allergies.

Sneezing, coughing and sore throats aside, last week was a good one.  I think my January/winter depression has finally made its way out the door. Things are looking up up up. In my personal and work life things are pointing north. The new addition to the Tucker family isn't making anything hard either. If you follow me on Instagram you have already met #GabeTheBabe. My parents finally pulled the plug and brought a new puppy home. We are completely smitten and I'm having a hard time letting him out of my site. I'm going to be his most popular babysitter/dognapper...

-Homemade red sauce and spaghetti squash happened three nights in a row last week.
-New breakfast alert: Almond milk, frozen berries and granola. Amaze!
-My days at work are split between planning events and being the resident barista. Our new office coffee machine is sliiiiiightly distracting. 
-Not to toot my own horn, but I can make a mean bowl of guacamole.
-Visions of green after a pit stop at The Fit Pig for a Vim + Vigor juice and the new RXBar.
-After the allergies swooped in, my diet consisted of hot tea, cough drops and chicken noodle soup. Have y'all seen these new Campbell's Soup Keurig pods? Not bad.
-First meeting with my new puppy brother. I swore I would never be that obsessed dog person...oops!
-Doctors orders called for froyo.
-#GabeTheBabe getting his daily modeling in.
-Sundays, sniffles and steel cut oats. Power of three I suppose?
-Unexpected quickie visit from one I miss the most!
-Craving for vanilla wafers = make homemade vanilla wafers.