Bites of My Life

Merry Christmas my friends! I say this every year, but I hate how fast Christmas comes and goes. My family had a quaint little gathering of our immediate family, minus Claire :( It was simple, but so nice. We ate fabulous food, baked lots of treats, stayed in pjs all day and listened to Christmas music on repeat. There were shrieks and squeals over gifts received and some tears of joy over things like a purse-Kathleen, and me-new dishes. The things I get excited about...

-On a Siggi's kick last week.
-Chick-Fil-A hack turning my spicy chicken sandwich into a spicy chicken salad.
-The best salad in town! Get it here.
-A festive look through my lens at work
-Last minute Christmas treats made the blog in time for the big day. 
-New brekkie obsession, loaded sweet potato with berries, AB and granola.
-Phobulous pho with pops!
-Holiday's are a non-stop eating fest, so a counter of apps is needed. Cheese ball, olives and cranberry pomegranate salsa.
-Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters, White Christmas style.
-Pioneer Women cinnamon rolls took the cake on Christmas morning!
-Nothing beats a big holiday meal.
-An Ina inspired dessert. Scoops of ice cream with Christmas cookies.