See You Next Year

Looking back, 2015 was full of numerous ends and beginnings, changes and challenges. Learning how to budget, how to live on my own, how create a work/life balance, how to invest in things I want to do and suck it up to do things I don't won't to. 

Similar to the end of year review I'm doing at work, here are a few bites to review the peaks of the past year.

To start off the new year , I skied into 2015.

#KatsBrooklynBach followed soon after with a sister weekend in NYC!

Pretended we weren't just a bunch of city girls at the Fort Worth rodeo. 

Did the vegas thing, so I can now check that off my life to-do list. 


Sweet Take A Bite turned 2!

Celebrated one of many #gokrenger pre-wedding festivities.

The last hooplah with my Kappa girls before we parted ways.

Turned my tassel for the last time.

Turned 22.

Moved into my first big girl house-celebrated with homemade guac and mexican beer. 

Sis got hitched.

Obsessed with my growing family. 

Mom, dad and I hit the west coast for a few days in Newport Beach.

Fall made it's return and so did football season. 

Tucked a few skills under my belt like sushi making and flower arranging.

Only trouble when we were all reunited. 

Take A Bite got a facelift.

Hosted my first friendsgiving. 


Christmas came and went, and now it's time to shut the door on 2015. You were swell fifteen.