Bites of My Life

Four days, four days, four days!! I'm starting to get the Christmas giddiness. This week plans to contain Christmas recipes, Christmas movies, last minute Christmas parties and lots of Christmas music. 

After getting to celebrate friends' graduation this weekend, I was feeling all kinds of weird feelings. Graduation back in May was so strange and brought all kinds of unexpected feelings for me. I can't really describe it but they kind of came back. Weird realities of how I really am getting older, have so many more responsibilities, and how I don't have a month off of school for winter break...

-Blueberry tahini oatmeal. Blueberries and tahini are a surprising great combo.
-My little Christmas cottage.
-Verde Turkey Chili made a comeback this season. 
-Got in a snowball fight and came out with some snowball cookies, recipe to come.
-Pushed the store bought aside and made my own peppermint bark, recipe also to come!
-Friday spent with my favorite people.
-Welcomed more friends to the post grad club this weekend.
-Sunday sweet potato.
-Quinoa fried rice and a side of popcorn for Miss Universe viewing, go Miss USA (an Oklahoma native).