Live from Oklahoma City, it's my new site design!!!!! Oh buddy this is a long time coming and I can't believe it finally happened. Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful? My sweet little DIY photoshop site I put together 2 years ago was in need of a little updating. 

Let's go through some new features and some of my favorite parts of the site. The Recipe Box feature in the right sidebar, so cute, right? All my recipes neatly categorized with themed pictures to organize them. The About page too, all my favorite things in one place. How great is the Instagram widget in the footer of the site? And finally make sure to subscribe via email (found in the right sidebar) to get Take A Bite sent straight to your inbox. I'm using a new service now that will make email posts look much prettier!

Last summer I started doing research on switching from blogger to a new hosting site. I would do research then realized it was to hard, then a few months later I'd do it again and realize it was too hard, then so on and so on. With 400+ posts I wasn't about to put 2.5 years of work on the line with the easy chance I would mistakenly delete it all somehow in the process. This summer I did a little more research and found blogging guru Bobbi, and realized with her help, it wouldn't be so hard to switch from Blogger to Squarespace. After some consultation with Peyton and Madison and hearing how much they have loved their Squarespace site I knew it was time to take the plunge.

Peyton and Madison are angels and took the ropes on all the design work. They took ideas I didn't even know I had and turned them into all of this! They are serious design angels. 

Huge kudos to Bobbi from Ready to Blog for taking all the techie ropes and peacefully transferring all my years of work to this beautiful new site. Ditto to Peyton and Madison for creating all design aspects and making the site look better than I could have wished, as well as to Peyton for being my Squarespace help center! She has an answer to all of my questions.

Stop in, stay a while, take a bite and enjoy!