Bites of My Life

Oh buddy I am so ready for Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday is only a few short days away and I can't stand the wait. The holiday feels a little different this year not being in school and not getting a real break. I still managed a few days off from work to hang out, eat and be with family. But there was always such a peace of cramming in those last few tests and projects then driving straight home for almost a week off to relax and unwind in the comfort of home. 

This year there will be lots of relaxing, lots of family time and lots of food, it's just different.  Being the youngest, I've always tried to hang on to traditions the longest because I feel like I wasn't around long enough before everyone started growing up and wanting to change them. It's interesting as I grow up and realize how I've adapted to the change. I'm not as much of a traditionalist as I used to be. I'm okay with the changes here and there and the idea of adding new traditions. We have new family who joins us, new recipes we try and new homes to enjoy them in.

I started a new tradition this year that is easily going to stick around for a while. On Friday, I hosted my first Friendsgiving. I had a little too much fun prepping and decorating for the event. All of my closest friends came together in my little baby house to enjoy amazing food and fun times spent together. Everyone really rolled out on the food too, no cop outs with store bought junk. All delicious family recipes that we all got to share with each other. I'm so thankful for friends and family, traditions old and new, and for this time that makes you reflect on it. 

-Step aside pumpkin, it's gingerbread time. Swapped out my pumpkin oats for gingerbread oatmeal. Made by adding molasses, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Topped with crystalized ginger and a little AB!
-CCC recipe round 2!
-This is what happens when I go to Kathleen's house. I steal her clothes and she makes me pumpkin soup. That's what sisters are for. 
-Not so plain siggis with a little pumpkin butter and granola swirled in for a happy desk breakfast.
-I haven't gone to the grocery store in forever and I don't plan on it until after Thanksgiving, this means mooching off my parents for a free dinner. If I pay them a visit they don't see it as mooching, so it's a win win!
-Happy reading with my new cookbook "Happy Cooking" by miss Giada.
-The best surprise by my aunt and cousin and my favorite little chunk of a second cousin at work last week.
-An evening spent as fleuriste pupils. We can now add how to make sushi and create gorgeous flower arrangements to our repertoire of skills.
-My contribution to Friendsgiving, a pumpkin galette
-My first Friendsgiving was just perfect. A full recap to come!
-Everyone outdid themselves with the food. Not a single dish wasn't sampled by me.
-A little boomering and soonering on a freezing Saturday, was well worth it for the win in the end!