Bites of My Life

Double post today and double bites today! Take A Bite went into hiding last week while I was working on getting my new site launched. A few technically difficulties set us back, but the time off built up the anticipation. Today is double the bites double the fun, to cover the past two weeks. I kept my bites condensed to not bore you with my life happenings. But heck, this site is about daily bites of my life, so lets get after it. 

-Halloween week naturally meant pumpkin everything, starting with this D@#% Good Pumpkin Soup
-Checked taking a food photography class off my to-do list! Need to brush up on some of the basics of my camera before I delve deep into Lindsay's tips.
-More pumpkin with this amazing Pumpkin Curry.
-Cured my halloween sugar coma and other things with breakfast tacos. 
-Naturally I went food related with my costume this year as a Pig in a Blanket!
-Ended the weekend crossing another thing off my Fall TDL, by enjoying the most gorgeous day riding bikes around downtown. 

-Molly and I decided to take our friendship from the Internet to pen and paper. Everyone loves getting mail and now it's even better with my bestie pen pal.
-Some lovey dovey pumpkin oats to start the day.
-Friday night wine and dine.
-Topped off with me, Ben and Jerry. 
-Kept the dinner and dessert trend going Sunday night with this incredible upside down pumpkin crumb cake, recipe to come. 
-And a big bowl of jambalaya and corn bread, recipe also to come. 

I hope you guys are enjoying the site as much as me. I have quite the pep in my step!