Bites of My Life

Friends with babies and friends getting married, this weekend had me feeling way to young for all of that. It also made me realize I am totally fine with feeling young. I'm at that perfect middle ground stage where I have just enough responsibility to feel mature, but not enough where I can still lay in bed till noon and not feel bad about it. After catching up with sweet friends this weekend, and getting to gush about life after graduating, I was repeatedly reminded how much I love it.

-When your past and present job come together, insert clapping hands emoji.
-Return of one of my favorite breakfasts, savory oatmeal with a poached egg and hot sauce.
-I didn't plan it, but I think Thursday's popcorn and wine filled Shonda Rimes watch party, crosses #5 off the TDL!
-Oh lordy, Kathleen made this cashew cream and it's pretty much the most amazing thing I've had in a while. She made it as a dip for fruit, but saved me a little jar for snacking. The jar was way to small because I finished it off before I even got home from her house, did I mention she lives right around the corner from me? This is your push to make more Kat!
-Friday morning with me, myself and I. My local Whole Foods is offering $0.25 oatmeal through the 27th and you can bet I'm going to take them up on this deal a few too many times. 
-The perks of being obsessed with food results in friends dropping off grocery sized bags of farm grown green tomatoes for you. These are being turned into tonight's dinner!
-White chicken chili packaged up for an easy dinner for my favorite new momma.
-Dropping off dinner meant a chance to finally meet baby Juniper!
-A big bite shoutout to these two!