Bites of My Life

Jeans have replaced shorts, booties have replaced sandals, and oatmeal has replaced yogurt. Not to leave out the copious amounts of coffee and tea to keep me warm and the need to always bring a jacket. Cooler temps are here and I hope to stay. You can never be too sure though with our crazy Oklahoma weather.  

Just a few days of work for me this week because Friday I am Dallas bound for the annual Red River Shootout. A reunion with friends, an OU domination over Texas (fingers crossed) and I finally get to see blogger bestie Molly again. Let's hurry up week!

-A more fall approach to my acai bowl with coconut, seeds and granola.
-Monday lunch date with mom.
-I love having the day off and getting to use that time to put a little more thought into dinner. Yogurt marinated chicken with roasted tomatoes over tumeric rice will hopefully get a recipe post soon.
-Step by step pumpkin oatmeal on snapchat! Follow me to see what I make next (annietucker93).
-Shrimp and broccoli stir fry is hopefully getting a recipe post soon too! This curbs any Chinese take out craving.
-Put a spin on my Fig and Almond Butter Smoothie by adding in and topping with blueberries. I've been adding blueberries to everything these days. 
-My work schedule gives me a little more time in the morning on some days. I love getting to start my day with a cup of coffee walking through surrounding neighborhoods, scoping out future dream houses and getting some fresh air. 
-Oatmeal has officially replaced smoothies and yogurt. 
-Played tourist in my own town Sunday.
-Whole Foods and their samples get me every time, but all pumpkin themed samples?? Pumpkin smoked salmon, pumpkin spinach salad, pumpkin spiced naan etc. 
-All creds go to roomie Lindz for this one, but our family dinner appetizer was a hit! Spicy guacamole, blue cheese and roasted chili cashews. 
-Dad texted us last week and said "I need to smoke something." Food that is. Smoked chicken, amazing ribs, cheese grits, and coleslaw left me in yet another Tucker food coma.