Bites of My Life

Why is it that it takes forever to make it to a long weekend then they just end so quick? Coming out of Cali vacation mode and chugging through the days to make it to the weekend, it felt like a relatively long week. Madewell and H&M's opening helped a bit. Both made their debut in Oklahoma this past week. We are slowly gaining more street cred.
By the time the weekend rolled around it was go time. Football is back, my friends were back in town and all was right in the world again. Spent the rest of the weekend grilling, swimming and wearing as much white as possible before we have to wave goodbye to summer. You were a great one summer 2k15, you're welcome back anytime.
-So in love with my egg cup breakfast from Zinc, I picked up a couple for myself before we left Newport. First meal back was breakfast for dinner to use them up. 
-Madewell finally came to Oklahoma and the grand opening was a mad house. I'm thrilled it's here but my wallet is about to suffer.
-New recipe post for my perfect overnight oats.
-Gameday ready with spirited sugar cookies!
-Best part of college football starting back up is having an excuse to reunite with sweet sweet friends.
-Midway's sandwiches = one of the things I miss most about Norman.
-I've been dying to try Half Baked Harvest's bourbon peach bbq baked beans since she posted them. They are AMAZE. Paired with skirt steak and chimichurri (by dad) and a fig and walnut salad, Sunday dinner was a home run. Mom's caramel cake was the sweet finish. 
-Somehow my Sundays always end up looking like this after weekends of indulgences...
-Lovely end to the long weekend with leftover baked beans and grilled salmon.