Bites of My Life

So I'm seeing a lot of granola topped breakfasts, multiple sunset lake pictures, a few too many fair food indulgences, two different pumpkin concoctions and I even left out my second picture of an ice cream cone to help myself feel a little better and deny how much ice cream I ate last week. Tuesday was National Ice Cream Cone day so yolo. Whatever, my blog isn't called Take A Bite for nothing.

Have you ever done highs and lows or peaks and pits of your day? My friends and I used to go around the table and say our high of the day and our low of the day. It was always nice to reflect back and see what got you down, but what good thing brought you back up. Looking back on this week I think about the little things that knocked me down, but then I get to see all the great things that built me up. It makes those pit instances insignificant compared to the peaks of the week!

-First pumpkin smoothie of the season! Pumpkin puree, frozen banana, almond butter, almond milk and cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.
-A grab and go breakfast and a guest post from sis. 
-I'm always eager to try the limited edition Chobani. This cinnamon pear is one of the better flavors they have concocted.
-A trip to the state fair called for a three course meal. First course were spiraled fried potato chips.
-After searching high and low for it, we struck gold with this brisket and mashed potato sundae. 
-We were convinced we were too full but ended up in line to get an oreo ice cream cone, chocolate covered strawberries and a massive ice cream sandwich. I wish I could say we rode some rides to burn off all the cals, be we came for the food and the food only. 
-Started Friday with a slow morning cooking this pumpkin oatmeal c/o Purely Elizabeth.
-My old navy s'well has taken quite the beating, but I'm obsessed with it's replacement.
-Acai bowl on the back porch was soon ruined with a swarm of flies. Ready for the summer bugs to go into hiding!
-Headed out of town for one last lake weekend. Arrived and quickly jumped on the boat to squeeze a sunset cruise in before the day ended. 
-Quiet, calm and chilly morning enjoyed outside.
-And one more sunset lake picture because you really can't beat those Oklahoma skies.