Bites of My Life

Why are Mondays such a thing? They aren't bad, but they definitely aren't awesome. I had a case of the big girl world this morning including paying bills, having car issues, and quickly watching my pay check go to zero.  Go real world go....To switch things around, I'm content with real world since the fun times have been outweighing the sucky parts.  Let's turn this Monday around with a little bite o' my lyfe.

-Avo toast, AB toast, figs and pears for a slow morning breakfast at home with sis!
-New roommate Lindz is here! I'm forcing her into loving OKC, barre3 and more of my favorite things. 
-#NationalWatermelonDay happened coincidentally the same day I stumbled across one of Chobani's limited edition flavors at Target! Tasted like a popsicle you would get from the ice cream man. 
-I went on a greek yogurt buying frenzy last week. So many flavors I just couldn't pass up. I have honey pear, plum and fig and lemon zest waiting for me in my fridge!
-Quinoa Taco Salad obsessed last week. I ate it 4 times in 48 hours.
-26 great years for my fab sis!
-Pretty food makes eating even more fun that it already is. 
-Known her since I was born and she still continues to amaze me! A bittersweet farewell as she is now UVA Law bound!
-Sunday supper won us all over last night! Used this recipe and highly recommend.