Bites of My Life

I started re-watching Gossip Girl last week so it's been a pretty good week. Bachelorette, new recipes, a new roommate, wedding pictures, and yoga, filled the days too. The fact that it's August though pretty much has my mind blown. I'm still denying the fact the summer has to end, so I'm not letting it. I have so many things to check off my to-do list still! 
This week is off to the perfect start this morning. A start to sister's birthday week includes breakfast and The Today Show at my house! I hope to keep the days slow and intentional this week. I want to savor every last bit of the carefree summer days before they get replaced with busy autumn months. 
-I can't stand you Kaitlyn, but at least you made the right decision. 
-I had quinoa fried rice running through my blood last week!
-Sister's wedding pictures came in on Thursday and I'm mildly obsessed. The funnest way to relive the best day. Only problem is how obnoxious I realized I can be. I'm talking mouth open, hands in the air, trying to get in every picture taken, kind of obnoxious. 
-Roommate Lindsay finally got moved in last week. We had the best time showing her OKC's best spots this weekend. I actually played tourist with her at our city's food truck festival, first time for both of us. 
-Made a b-line for the Mediterranean food truck. Got this incredible oregano chicken over rice with falafel.
-Not even two minutes after ordering it got completely knocked out of my hand...I was on the verge of tears. Don't mess with me and food. Bit my lip and went back to order it again, the truck threw in a free baklava because they felt bad for me!
-Pulled myself out of bed Saturday morning to celebrate our Lululemon's 2nd birthday at #SweatstockOKC! A full day of free classes out in front of the shop. Photo creds.
-An amazing yoga class by our favorite teacher with my day one yogi!
-Post sweat sesh refueling at The Red Cup
-A sea of S'well.
-Cookie butter rice krispies for friends and co-workers because I have to get this jar out of my pantry before I gorge the whole thing.
-Sunday night carbs during the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. When one bachelor door closes, another opens. This show never ends.