Bites of My Life

Looks like Tuesday bites really are becoming a thing... Last week was like the few days leading up until Christmas. I could barely sleep and couldn't count down the hours fast enough until I was going to back with all my gals. A quick trip to Tejas to all reunite and also send hugs and kisses to our girl Meg before she lets the Europeans take her for a year! 
Lots of catching up happened over copious amounts of rose' and Joe T's margaritas. The volume instantly went up 10 notches when we all got back in the same room. I'm full to the top with happiness after this weekend!
-It's funny how healthy the week always starts and how unhealthy it ends...
-Got on on a serious acai bowl kick. Topped with lots of extra fruit and granola make them totally fulfilling for a healthy dinner. Not to mention so refreshing in this scorching heat.
-Are you following me on Snapchat yet (annietucker93)? No? Then you missed my step by step snaps showing how to make a perfect poached egg! 
-Said farewell to our mermaid friend Trin as she moved to her new home in Florida! Wine and cheese softened up the sadness.
-Loved gushing about my this local product and their new almond butter bar. Did you catch the post?
-Said hello and goodbye to another bestie. London called and said you should just stay in America.
-Ulti weekend all being back together, except for that whole having to say goodbye thing again.
-Took advantage of being in Texas and being in close proximity to a Trader Joe's. Goodies on goodies  crossed the border with me!
-Quinoa fried rice from Shinsei was blowing my mind! Learned a new trick for my version at home, recipe post coming this week!