Bites of My Life

Tuesday bites? This can be a thing I suppose. After a handful of conversations with GoDaddy and pulling a few hairs out, they got me back up and running, and now here we are a day late on bites. Just rolling with the punches over here! 

Last week consisted of fantabulous almond butter that you are missing out on if you didn't read the post, sharing my summer to-do list, taking my favorite workout outside, trying to be grown up and learning how to budget (I highly recommend this website), celebrating yet another fabulous weekend, and as always, some delicious bites. This weekend though I will be reunited with my closest friends as we say welcome home and farewell! Everyone has been scattered this summer and we are about to be scattered even farther apart. It will be bites worthy next Monday (well let's hope I can actually get it posted on it's correct day).
-Homemade AB. This recipe is a keeper for sure.
-This is me putting everything in the fridge on a grilled tortilla and pretending its pizza.
-Summer TDL. Time to get crackin'
-Sneak peek at what's coming in a post this week!
-My new favorite granola all packaged up for a freebie snack from Whole Foods after Barre3 on the Lawn!
-Weekends well spent with old and new friends! 
-Pumped to finally try Pump Bar brunch. That is maple blueberry sausage.
-Dad and I whipping up a homemade version of our favorite snack!
-Cliche #Nationalicecreamday at Roxy's.