Bites of My Life

Started my job, turned 22 and reunited with my best friends in Dallas. A week jam packed with excitement. I admitted I'm a little bit of a birthday brat, but no need to be bratty this year after friends, family and new co-workers made my birthday so special. 
The job is going great, I'm happy to be back on a schedule, but I'm afraid I've hit the stage where I live for the weekends. I don't see anything wrong with this though. It just leaves for productive fun-filled weekends to unwind with. Dallas, golf, best friends, brunch and Jordan Spieth sitings really filled me up! 
-First day of work outfit selfie to Molly for a second opinion and confidence boost!
-An impromptu birthday dinner with all of my favorite people close enough to come! Last hoorah with this one before she left for Chicago. 
-Post-dinner carrot cake to mark the beginning of the birthday sweets.
-Post-post-dinner drinks at new to OKC spot, Power House.
-Sat around the kitchen table together Wednesday morning with the family before we all left for work to enjoy my traditional birthday breakfast. 
-My new desk accessories c/o sweet co-workers! There was also cake and singing and my cheeks turing 50 shades of red.
-Ludivine, a farm-to-fork concept, has long been at the top of my restaurants to try list, my family birthday dinner was the perfect occasion. Housemade sausage, farm fresh egg, potatoes, garlic and chive popover to soak it all up. 
-Before our entrees we started with their famous Bone Marrow appetizer and the charcuterie platter. Who new bone could be so scrumptious?
-The big girl job is in event sales at OKC's new TopGolf site. Got to walk and see the ins and outs of the course Friday, a privilege only TopGolf employees get to do!
-Made it through the first work week to finally have get a highly anticipated weekend reuniting with friends in Dallas!
-Spent Saturday golf clapping at the Byron Nelson, but let's be honest I really only went to see my future bf Jordan Spieth;)
-Incredible avocado toast and poached eggs from Ascension Coffee and a quick trip to Trader Joe's ended our Dallas weekend.