Bites of My Life

Today starts big girl life. The real world is slapping me in the face as I slip on my business attire and head off to my first day of my real job. Good luck wishes are appreciated!
Last week I tried my best to soak in my last days of full freedom. The long weekend helped! There was back to back Bachelorette watch parties, Wine Wednesday, coffee and lunch dates, another quick trip out of town, lots of bites, lots of friend time, and a little bit of rest before this week starts!
-Maple Banana Nut Muffins made from ripe bananas and maple syrup soaked walnuts.
-An afternoon shift filling in at my favorite place!
-Wine Wednesday is really only about the cheese board.
-Green tea latte and a soy latte at All About Cha was the perfect addition to Kate and I's catch up date!
-Bahn mi's with dad! My adventurous foodie partner in crime!
-An unexpected Tulsa weekend round 2! None of us complained.
-Home style inspiration at a cutie Tulsa shop.
-Can't beat a classic BLT.
-Smoked salmon and grilled corn caesar salad inspired by this recipe.
-Fancy cocktails at OKC's newest spot.
-My barbecue craving was quickly fixed with this Memorial day feast. I kid you not the bone slid right out of the ribs, Dad has gone pro these days.
-Waited all weekend to finally try out Roxy's new brick and mortar shop! Pistachio for me of course!