Bites of My Life

Good vibes had me going last week! I found a house to live in next year, I'm making progress on potential jobs, I had good life chats with friends and really enjoyed each and every day. The week really flew by, so I was quickly greeted with the weekend. 
Family time has been mucho recently with all the breaks, holidays and wedding parties. The original five Tucker's were all under the same roof for this version of family time and I couldn't have been happier! We started the weekend with a girls only night with all the bridesmaids. We then showered sis and fiancé with a Tacos and Tequila themed party on Saturday. I love all these reasons to celebrate with my favorite peeps!
-I've tried my hand at making granola, but it never turns out as good as sister's! This lavender granola is top notch. 
-Had avocado toast almost everyday last week. One morning with red pepper flakes, one day with truffle salt, one day with tahini drizzle and pictured here with a poached egg!
-I think I took the phrase "treat yourself" to another level with this sundae the size of my face!
-Grabbed lunch at the cutest market after a fun meeting on Thursday.
-College students by day, pro golfers by night. 
-What the cake said was an inside joke, but what was actually inside the cake was hands down the best thing I've ever had. Us bridesmaids all went back for seconds and for some, thirds on this moist vanilla cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting!
-Co-MOHs and the bride all in the same state!
-Kicked off the wedding festivities with some "tacos and tequila" (and Mexican beer)!
-Squeezed in one last family meal together before oldest sis flew back to NY! I attempted to squeeze this bacon wrapped shrimp and grits into the little room I had left in my stomach after all of the weekend indulgences!