Advice: What to Know for Post Grad Life

The big bad real world is creeping in on me. I may have found a place to live, but I'm still jobless. If you too are about about to graduate or recently did than you understand the stress it brings. It's a LOT harder to find a job than it seems. I'm so sick of the "so do you have a job yet, what are your plans, do you know what are you doing after graduation?" Isn't graduating college enough for your satisfaction? Why do people have to ask the dreaded question of what your next step is? It only adds to the anxiety of the situation. 

I'm prone to anxiety and like to create unneeded stress. I've honestly had a few minor anxiety attacks during this whole job search thing. It's hard because I'm normally a very confident person and have everything planned out. When it comes to my future plans, it's not so easy to stay confident. To ease my worries I turned to some trusted sources to ask what advice they would give a future or recent college grad. 

1. Your first job doesn't have to be your last job.
Don't be afraid to start somewhere to get experience and then move on to somewhere else. 

So funny story, both of my older sisters sent literally the exact same advice. One had 6+ jobs in 6 months when she first moved to New York and the other took a semester doing random temp jobs while also working at a stationery store until she landed a career position. This isn't throwing them under the bus, but just showing that it's okay if you don't have a steady paycheck right out the door. It will happen eventually. 

2. With that being said, be persistent in your job search.
Don't get discouraged, it will all work out. There are lots of changes ahead, step out of your comfort zone & try new things!

3. Get out, make plans, stay social.
In college all of your friends are at arms length, but in the real world everyone is scattered. It's important to make the effort to make plans so you don’t fall into being that person who goes home right after work, makes dinner and goes to bed by 9 every night. 

4. College is fun but post grad is fun too.
The transition is tough but it will get easier. I feel like I've always been told to enjoy college while you can because the real world is terrible. What kind of motivation to graduate is that? All stages of life are fun just in different ways. Don't fear the world after college, it has its perks (like money)!!

5. Now for some funny, but true advice. 
Your alcohol tolerance will cease to exist, your parents will stop giving you allowance, and you will stop buying going out clothes and only buy work clothes.

Don't stress future grads, we are all in this together! It really is going to be ok.