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There's a new trend alert that I've jumped right in with! We've been seeing fashionable sneaker style since last spring, but New Balances are new for spring 2015. I love the idea of throwing on stylish sneaks with anything from a dress, to skinny jeans, to a midi or cut-offs! 
When I was in New York back in January it was easily apparent that the tennis shoe trend was alive. I suddenly felt silly in my cute boots when everyone around me looked so practical and cool in their sneakers. Those poor New Yorkers have probably been waiting for this trend to happen for years with all the walking they have to do. I quickly added "stylish sneakers" to my to-buy list after that trip. 
I have this weird thing where I only like white or light colored tennis shoes. My feet look funny in dark or multi-colored sneakers. I don't know, just a weird Annie quirk. Anyway I love all the New Balances I have been seeing, but couldn't decide because they were all a little too vibrant for me. I purchased these at J.Crew a few weeks ago and they're perfect. 
Now that all the snow has melted and the sun finally came out in Oklahoma I've loved toting around in my new shoes!