February Failure

I always thought I was against the odds when it came to things. For example, I'm usually pretty good at sticking to goals I have, i.e. New Years Resolutions. Jokes on me. I was committed to my resolutions in January, but shoved them all to the bottom of my priority list during February. 
Today I'm doing a little check up on myself. It's now March, spring is upon us, and it's time I reevaluated what I said I would resolve back in January. I'm hoping by saying my failures out loud it will help me to acknowledge that I need to fix them. I'm not getting down on myself, I'm just realizing there is still time to change. It's only the third month of the year by golly!
Now let's take a look at what I said I would do in 2015:
1. Cooking more from my cookbooks. I said I would cook at least two recipes a month from one of my cookbooks. January was a success, this soup was a winner! The main idea behind this was to take more pauses during the day. Take time to stop, prepare, and cook a meal instead of shoving a bowl full of whatever I could throw together from the fridge. I stole a few cookbooks from mom this weekend to hopefully help me achieve my goal!

2. Texting and driving. This has been my biggest failure and I'm embarrassed to admit it. I have to crack this horrible habit. 
3. Eating more whole foods. I've done pretty well with this one. I eat mainly whole foods anyway but there is the occasional tortilla chip binge that really isn't necessary. I think I'll counteract my chip binge with this Whole-Food Protein Berry smoothie.

4. Revisiting calligraphy. Yup this hasn't happened at all. I paid good money to learn the basics of the skill and I have just been letting it sit on the shelf ever since. I'm about to go pull out all my gear the second I finish this post. 
5. Reading a book. This is a new goal I'm adding with the influence from a friend. It's sad to say but I don't read at all. I've never been a reader. I recently purchased this book per Molly's review and I'm so excited about it. I thought this could be the book to get me reading again. It came in the mail and I've only read five pages. I know what I'll be doing before bed tonight. 

image 1/3/4
Okay I've said it out loud now, just keeping things real here on Take a Bite. February was a bit of a failure in the resolution category, but I have high hopes that March will get me back on track. How have your resolutions been going? Anyone else fall off the bandwagon a bit? Let's jump back on in March!