Bites of My Life

A week filled only with food pictures. This isn't unusual just kind of cracks me up and makes me wonder if I should reevaluate my priorities...nah! This is bites of my life after all. 
Last week was a weird one. The week before Spring Break is always a rough. Midterms hit, but everyone's productivity is out the window. Any sort of test or paper thrown into the week is just bound to fail when the only thing on our mind is spring vacation. With the additional craziness that was happening on campus this past week, you can imagine how distracted we all were. 
I'm happy to be finally be on break now have been and enjoying a little bit of a "staycation" before I head off to Las Vegas on Wednesday! Now enough chatter, let's take a bite of my past week!
-Polenta Huevos Rancheros for Monday night dinner while watching the finale of The Bachelor. Recipe was based loosely off this
-Al fresco eating is just about my favorite thing, happy this time of the year is back!
-Was treated to my first zoodles experience when my friend cooked them for me last Wednesday!
-Got home on Friday and headed straight to Organic Squeeze. I highly recommend the Muscle Westbrook smoothie, it helped balance out all the chips and queso and ice cream I had the night before...
-Most of our friends have already head off on vacation, but my partner-in-crime Melissa and I really packed in quite the day on Saturday to make sure we were having just as much fun at home. First stop of the day was to OKC's food truck park for pizza and green beer. 
-Next stop was at R&J's Supper Club for some tropical beverages. We pretended we were at the beach for a quick second.
-Last stop was at The Pump for a "snack." A bloody mary with all the fixings is pretty much equivalent to a snack.
-The weather on Sunday was too good to be true. A day spent outside and the inauguration of spring cooking was our only choice. Kale pesto scallops and veggies topped off the day!
I'll be absent the rest of the week so I can really enjoy my time off. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch in the meantime!