Bites of My Life

Finally getting in the swing of the semester and it feels a whole lot better. After my last semester freak out the week before, it was rejuvenating to feel some peace and hope about my future this past week. A little wedding planning, a little work, some late night baking, and dinner with friends before heading out of town for the Fort Worth rodeo. 
I wrote about this weekend last year and it was too fun we couldn't pass up a second visit this year. It was double the fun this time we may be heading back down this weekend for the finals! I'm all about filling my days with memories before this period of my life is over. 
-Started off the week with wedding cake tasting! The best MOH duty so far!
-A colorful salad to counteract the sugar high.
-My internship is really shaping up. Yummy lunch meetings sure do help!
-With a meeting in the city Wednesday afternoon and one early Thursday morning, I spent Wednesday night at home. Gave me the chance to make these brown butter snickerdoodles for my dad's office bake sale! Got word that they were a big seller!
-Dinner at Pizzario Gusto Wednesday night-quickly becoming my favorite OKC restaurant. 
-Scurried out of town Thursday afternoon to head to Fort Worth for a rodeo weekend round 2!
-A cowgirl lunch in the Stockyards. Heavy on the onions and pickles!
-Fort Worth has this way of making me feel like I should live in Texas...
-Cowboy hats, two-stepping and a successful rodeo weekend!
-A Yogi's pit stop is ritual before heading out of town. 
-Attempted to keep things healthy with roasted corn guacamole at our Super Bowl watch party, but the two crock-pots of queso quickly overrided that. 
-Girlies, dips and only watching for the commercials, Katy Perry and Tom Brady.