A New Year's resolution post seems a little cliché in the blog world, but I feel like if I write my yearly goals down for the world wide web to see there is a better chance I'll stick to them. I guess I feel like people may judge me if I don't stick to my word, which when it comes to resolutions, I think everyone could use some accountability. 
I have four resolutions this year. To not text and drive (this is carrying over from last year), eating more whole foods and less processed foods, cooking or baking at least twice a month from my cookbooks and lastly, to revisit calligraphy. 

I sat down the other night with my stack of cookbooks in front of me and started sifting through the pages of recipes, making notes and marking pages with sticky notes. I love collecting cookbooks, but in the internet world today I usually cook from Pinterest and food blog recipes. Not a bad thing, but it's time to put my cookbooks to better use!

As far as texting and driving, I was really good about this at the beginning of last year. It's a horrible habit I have and I committed not to do it. Toward the end of the year I got lazy. It's such a dangerous act and there is no reason to put myself and others at risk. No text is that important. I'm giving myself a second chance and pledging again to not text and drive.

More whole foods in 2015 instead of processed foods, because why not? It's better for you, whole foods are delicious and because I would rather take the time to make a great snack or meal instead of grabbing the closest sugary or salty processed food. When you think about what you're eating before you find yourself scarfing down a bag of chips, it's likely you'll go for something more nourishing and fulfilling. 
I read a great resolution about moving slower this year. Moving slow by, stopping your day to make a great breakfast or moving slow when working on something important. I get in such a rush about everything. It's time to move slow and enjoy the days little moments. This can be in cooking, working or spending time with others.
And finally, I want to revisit calligraphy. I took the beginner and advance class form Blue Eye Brown Eye and learned incredible skills. I still have all of my supplies but I haven't practiced in so long. Calligraphy is a lost skill I want to out back in my bag of tricks!
Now help keep me accountable people! I can do this.