Bites of My Life

Last week started slipping downhill gradually all week, but it then made a turn around and inched quickly back uphill. School felt like it was swallowing me and I was having a first of the semester freak out. I was feeling the senior year/quarter life crisis pressure and it took a little refocus and weekend fun to turn it around. After chilling myself out, the week ended out swell! A friend's birthday, a girls night, a date party and a Sunday full of a little Jesus, cooking and baking can really turn things around. 
Last night I had plans to make butternut squash soup and have a Miss Universe watch party. My friend Kate jumped on board wanting to contribute. We later found ourselves with bowls of soup, jalapeño poppers, zucchini chips, an abundance of sweets in front of us as we pretended to be our own judge on Miss Universe. We were all big USA, Australia and Jamaica fans, but weren't mad about Columbia winning! 
I'm now counting down the days this week because I'm going back to the Fort Worth Rodeo this weekend. A group of my girl friends went last year and had a blast. I'm in that whole living-for-the-weekend phase of my life right now.
-Seasoning my new cast iron pan, a normal 21 year old thing to do...
-Shrimp and Butternut Squash stir fry over quinoa, a special post to come.
-Been eating this granola by the handful, did you catch the recipe? I also can't get enough of grapefruit right now.
-Remember that resolution to cook at least two recipes a month from my cookbooks-check! Made this fresh spring pea omelet from Vibrant Food, the same cookbook these stuffed peppers were from! My soup recipe quailfied as the second cookbook recipe.
-Had the sweetest afternoon catching up on life and school assignments over tea with my first ever friend!
-GNO...actually I just felt like I needed to include one non-food picture from my week. 
-Sunday afternoon spent making "marry me" cookies, I'll explain later. 
-I can't wait to tell you more about this butternut squash soup!!
-Jalapeño poppers for a Miss Universe snack! We loved you Miss Columbia!