Healthier Eats and Christmas Treats

Did you catch this Black Bean Brownie mix I posted in my gift guide yesterday? This summer, my fellow SCOUTern Savannah showed me Kylie's blog and I've been obsessed ever since! Kylie has a soft spot for sweets, but works to feed her sweet tooth with healthier sweet treats! 
Kylie recently started selling her own mix for healthy black bean brownies. Once I caught wind of this I quickly ordered three bags to give as Christmas gifts. One for Savannah, one for Molly, and then I had to save one for myself!

I have been wanting to try black bean brownies for a while so this was just the perfect thing! The mix is only $9 and they make the most delicious dark chocolate fudgy brownies I have ever had! Watch Kylie's video below to see how to make them!


A can of black beans, applesauce, one egg and the mix make up these brownies. Don't let the black beans scare you, they only make them better and healthier! A tip when making--I suggest using a food processor instead of a blender! I was limited to a blender and it just makes it a little harder to get them fully mixed!
Spreading the love via Snapchat! Merry Christmas friends!

You can buy your brownie mix here!