Bites of My Life

Today marks 80  "bites" post y'all. Eighty Mondays have gone by since I started writing Take A Bite. Despite whatever I should be doing that's usually more important, like studying for finals right now, I'd always rather choose putting time into my blog. 
Take A Bite is like a like a best friend to me. I love having a place to express my weird thoughts, or sharing things I love, or posting what I cooked for dinner the night before, but most of all I love hearing when y'all love it too. When someone tells me they read TAB I usually first, blush, then second, get embarrassed, then last, realize how cool it is that someone actually takes the time to read my grammar-error filled posts. 
This weekend I had a friend come up to me and say she reads TAB everyday. She gets to work, signs into her computer, first checks Cupcakes and Cashmere (respectably) then checks Take A Bite. To hear that someone reads Take A Bite as part of their morning routine, or uses my recipes to make dinner or a fun treat is kind of awing. It's just one of those things that I don't really believe people take the time to read, I just do it cause I love it. So thanks Meredith you pretty much made the rest of my year!

-Santa's Workshop already started wrapping presents! Santa also buys his cute wrapping goods at Chirps and Cheers in their new Midtown location.

-Santa has also been making his own Christmas cards to give to those on the nice list!
-I stretched leftover Thanksgiving turkey all the way until last Thursday. A throw-whatever-you-have in-the-pot soup! Turkey veggie and chickpea soup it is!
-Mission: clean out the fridge before I go home for a month has begun. A tomato, spinach, and a little curry powder omelet for dinner!
-Molly knows me well and knew I'd love her mom's Christmas (Crack)er recipe! She sent over the recipe and I made up this Christmas crack for gameday. It was a hit and I'll definitely be making it again before the holidays. 
-My other game day treat was Cookie Butter Rice Krispies! Both recipes will be posted later this week!
-My sweet señorita is about to leave me for a whole semester of studying abroad in Spain. I know she's going to be amazing, but is it selfish to say I need you to stay? Like actually need. 
-Last OU game day as student...check!
Two tests and one presentation until Christmas break freedom!