Bites of My Life

Can you believe we are only three days away from Christmas? I love this time of year and all the joy and excitement it brings, but it's also bittersweet knowing in just a few days it will be over and we have to wait a whole year until the next holiday season. 
Since getting out of school I've done a lot of sleeping, eating and working. It's been fabulous. I like to lay low during breaks. I enjoy just hanging around with my parents and being calm during such a busy time of year. It's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be quickly rushed through without really enjoying everything the season brings. 
This holiday is a little different than years past. It's the first time oldest sis Claire won't be here for a Christmas or her birthday (Christmas Eve), it will just be mom, dad and I on Christmas Eve, as Kathleen spends the day with her fiancé, and we also won't have my dear grandmother. She passed just before Christmas last year. I think it was so sudden last year I didn't think about it, but this year feels different without her.  There are a lot of changes around here, but I'm somehow easily at peace with it all. That says a lot coming from a person who doesn't like to mess with tradition. No matter the changes it is still a season of hope, love, joy and peace! Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas! 

-Gingersnap smoothie goodness to start the week off right.
-Awesome hearty mushroom soup from Nourished Food Co.
-Homemade lo mein for a sister dinner.
-After dinner dessert was homemade fig newtons.
-My happy place followed me to OKC. Welcome to Midtown Chirps and Cheers.
-Stuffed acorn squash via this recipe
-Warm vermicelli bowl for a cold December night.
-Gingersnap smoothie recreated for a 1/4 of the price. Recipe posted last week!
-It's all about the presentation.
-An afternoon delight while working at the pop-up shops!
-A taste of Germany now that Fassler Hall opened in the city.
-Foodie Christmas gift exchange from my blogger bestie
-Spent my weekend working at the Holiday Pop-Up shops! I have a special place in my heart for these little shops!
-My Cookie Butter Rice Krispies got a touch of holiday spirt added to them!
-Happy to be in the same place with two of my favorite people!